The Operation Result Pattern will save your .NET application from death by a thousand exceptions

The hidden cost of throwing exceptions has been heavily debated for years. Although the effect on an application’s performance will vary greatly based on where and how often exceptions are thrown, the evidence is undeniable that there is a significant impact.

What’s more important? Having certifications or being able to think analytically?

Managers responsible for hiring staff in technology-based roles such as developers or IT technicians are often focused on a candidate’s formal post-secondary education and certifications. Unfortunately, those who do well in such contexts aren’t necessarily the best candidates to fill technology-based roles.

NETGEAR: The teenage soccer mom who abandoned her kids

You’re probably a bit confused as to how I’m able to compare a technology company to a teenage soccer mom. It’s actually quite simple. You see, like a teenager who’s trying to figure out who she’s supposed to be and a soccer mom who’s trying to do too much, NETGEAR has lost its focus. And …