Windows Updates Downloader 2.50 Build 1000 Released

Another build of the Windows Updates Downloader, version 2.50 Build 1000, has been published.

An issue with incorrectly saved proxy port information has been corrected.

3 thoughts on “Windows Updates Downloader 2.50 Build 1000 Released

  1. Basil

    To Do Automatic Execution to all updates in the folders just Make A batch file with the following code:
    dir *.exe /B Files.lst
    FOR %%G IN (*.exe) DO %%G /passive /norestart

    I wish it will be an automatic Download/ and Automatic Install as (Checked Option)

    Thanks for the great job

  2. Caterine Zuriak

    Basil you are my hero!!

    Yours is the only clue I got about how to deal with that problem. I have had 90 updates for-ever-waiting to be install. ONE by ONE!! with the annoying REBOOTING for each !!! Off course is no way I can do that 90 times, who has the time or the patience for that. Who has?

    Thank you, I hope your batch file works; I am kind of apprehensive; I am a beginner with “Run”!

    LOL sorry patients … I work in a hospital! :)

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