Improved ASP JSON utility

Most of the projects that I have been working on lately did not require any advanced AJAX. Most of the time, stuffing the results of a simple GET into innerHTML has usually been sufficient. Recently, I needed to do some more advanced AJAX work so I started looking into JSON. There a hundreds of helper classes that people have dreamed up already for ASP.NET, however this project was under the Classic ASP (VBScript) umbrella.

I fell upon a nice little utility on aptly called aspjson. It is a nice utility except the implementation of multi-dimensional array support is flawed. Try to JSON an array that has dimensions with more than 10 elements and you will quickly see what I mean.

I rewrote the multi-dimensional array support from scratch and I am releasing the code under the same license as the original author as well as obviously attributing credit to Tuğrul Topuz for his original code.

Download the ASPJSON 2.1 source

5 thoughts on “Improved ASP JSON utility

  1. DaniT

    You rock, really. My girlfriend agrees, you solved my problem and now I’m free for her 100% for the whooooole weekend 😀

    By the way, there’s a reported issue with the 2.0.2 version (check it:, regarding to character encoding. This version you’ve developed misses that, I have checked it out.

    So people using JSON 2.1 might need to fix that as well.



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  3. James


    great job on the JSOn project, it works great. Only question I have is how to force the callback propely to jquery so that it knows the data is ready? I added in the mime types to my server but that did not fully allow jquery to get a callback it was expecting. I am using IIS by the way if that is needed.

    Thanks for any help!

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